Why Do Foreign Rich Men Come for Brides to International Dating Sites?


Any international dating site with beautiful women attracts rich men. Usually, there are very attractive and charming ladies, and they try to have gorgeous hairdos, perfect make-up, to follow the latest fashion trends and to remain attractive in any life situation. Such a companion in life is not a shame to present to friends and relatives. She will always be interesting, bright and will receive a plenty of compliments.

Free sugar daddy sites offer a great opportunity for a man to meet a woman who he can be proud of. These women are educated, often speaking foreign languages, are comprehensively trained, and they travel a lot and are distinguished for their experience and knowledge by a mentality that is tolerant of other cultures and nations. Such women continue their work abroad: they receive another education, find another job or start their own business. Their excellent educations let them  completely realize themselves in EU.

The pursuit of love and material well-being on dating sites

Dating rich men is a great opportunity for every girl and woman to meet their generous prince. Many rich and wealthy men on sugar baby websites are in search of their princes and are ready for new acquaintances and meetings. Use the site or app’s search strategically to get an excellent result in the shortest possible time.

Frustration and broken dreams during the search for love on dating site

Young woman in fur coat on airplaneHowever, things do not always go as smoothly as we would like. By posting a questionnaire on a dating site, many girls expect to spin virtual love and a serious relationship with respectable, wealthy men in order to successfully marry him in the future. However, having shoveled hundreds of questionnaires, spent months on correspondence and even having gone to dozens of meetings, they are finally overtaken by a cruel disappointment: their prince can not be found.

How can we learn how to screen out obviously inappropriate men? How can you protect yourself from unnecessary meetings and disappointments?

Eight simple rules for finding the perfect man for a relationship

1. Look for similar goals

While viewing the questionnaire or profile, carefully read the column “purpose of acquaintance.” There it can be indicated that a man is looking for a short-term romance of a sexual nature or is hungry for rare, non-binding meetings. If your goals are radically different, feel free to put such an potential partner in the ignore column, because continuing to communicate with such man makes no sense.

2. Specify a marital status

Happy couple on boat in oceanThis section of the questionnaire or profile is often modestly omitted, so do not hesitate to ask if your potential guy is married. Relations with a married man are clearly not in your interests.

However, even if your online friend swears that he is officially unmarried, do not particularly rejoice: he may be in a civil marriage. Such men prefer to show themselves as one hundred percent bachelors. If you are dreaming of becoming the only one for your chosen man, and if your plans do not include disassembly with his civil wife, stop the correspondence without regret  as soon as you learn the whole truth about his relationship.

3. Obtain his real photo

If there is only one photo in the questionnaire, and it shows a model-looking man, you can be sure this is a dummy photo. Why do you need a cat in a sack? Before continuing the correspondence, ask him to send other photos from around the house, selfies or amateur photo shoots. Even better… ask that in the photo your sugar daddy hold a sheet of paper with your name written by hand. Then you will be sure that you have a photograph, at least a photo not 10 years old.

4. Learn the views of life

Even the most interesting potential sugar daddy can turn out to be an inveterate stay-at-home who passively wanders around in life, or a boozer who spends evenings with a bottle. Therefore, be sure to find out in advance how he usually spends leisure, and what life principles are guiding him. Are his principles consistent with your views on life?

5. Evaluate his style of communication

Beautiful woman with red high heels sitting in vintage carPay high attention to how the man communicates. Short replies, often standardized phrases usage, or something like “How are ya?” or “What are you doing?” show a lack of interesting themes for conversation. Unsuccessful flat jokes are most likely not a sign of his busy employment and lack of time, but a testimony to the limitations of personality. Long and lengthy reflections “about life on Mars,” the logic of which is very difficult to trace, hide behind a rare bore.

6. Do not believe in love at first word

Do not take seriously any man eager to suddenly connect with you via sympathy, exquisite compliments and vows of unearthly love. True feelings come gradually, and such fervent behavior on the part of a new acquaintance is more than suspicious. It is possible that he will turn out to be Casanova or simply a marriage swindler.

7. Take into account the date of registration of the questionnaire/profile

If the applicant has spent many months or even years on the site, he is likely only looking for news women for short-term meet-ups. It is no longer possible for him to finally determine a choice or delete the questionnaire.

8. Organize a telephone communication

Do not hurry to a real life date with the chosen candidate, even if he did not cause any complaints during virtual communication. Be sure ] to talk with him on the phone. Telephone communication will give you an understanding of something that is impossible to get from online correspondence. Sometimes several phone conversations are needed.


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