Why Women Get Acquainted with Rich Foreigners on Dating Sites


To date, the number of men of marriageable age is less than that of women. And with age, this trend gets even stronger. Men live less and die more often at a young age. Men are more prone to serious illness, especially heart disease. Now there is a real boom in the search for a rich husband abroad.

Finding a partner abroad is a normal desire, to be happy and have a decent life. Finding a husband abroad is very possible if you make an effort, and do not give up after initial setbacks.

Many women drop their efforts after a first unsuccessful attempt to virtual dating. To find your “better half,” you need to work: get acquainted, communicate, correspond. The more men you honor with your attention, the more likely you are to find yourself a husband. Try to regularly check your mail and respond faster to letters.

How to register on a dating site to find a nice man

Woman in red holding a laptopYou need to go to the registration section of a dating site or app and fill out the questionnaire completely. All the information in it about you should be true. After receiving your data, the moderators will check your profile, after which your profile will become available. If you put other people’s data in the questionnaire, your profile will be deleted.

Rich men want to be confident that they communicate with real girls. Foreigners want to have a 100% guarantee of the truthfulness of the information posted on the site. The best sugar daddy dating sites guarantee the confidentiality and safety of each user’s personal information.

Writing the first letter on a dating site to a male you never know before

Writing the first letter to a stranger, whom you want to get to know better… well, it’s not a simple matter.

Usually, a first impression can play a decisive role in further relations. Let the first letter to a foreigner be affable and optimistic. This letter should present you to a foreign man as an interesting and attractive woman in every respect.

Older man and younger woman standing near each otherIf you write a response to a received letter, think in advance about what you learned about the man who wrote you, and what interests him. The letter should begin with a greeting. The word “Hello” is used most often, it is necessary to thank him for the letter and interest shown to you. It is important that a man understand that you carefully read his letter, and not just send out all the template letters. Answer his questions, and ask your own ones, so he feels your interest. Briefly tell the facts of your biography, and about your relatives. Foreigners attach great importance to family ties. Write about your work, about your place of residence, about your studies and hobbies, tell him what you value in people, what you dream about. Ask him to tell more about himself, about his family, about his work, his studies, about life goals, what he values ​​in the relationship between a man and a woman, what he expects from marriage.

Answer the letters as soon as possible, because at the initial stage of acquaintance, your chosen one may have several women with whom he corresponds, and that’s why you need to draw his attention only to yourself. It’s very good if you show common interests… a hobby. Then you will have your own topics for correspondence. Try to make your letter original, with a sense of humor. Let the foreigner feel that he writes a woman quite content with herself, her life, but for her to achieve complete happiness she lacks a loved one. At the end of the letter, ask the man to answer your letter, with a promise to wait for an answer.

Correspondence with a foreigner via online internet sources

Woman holding cup of wine with man in backgroundDuring virtual acquaintance with foreigners, there are often situations when the person’s ideas, received as a result of correspondence, do not correspond to the real person. Often this is revealed only in person.

To be sure the man does not disappoint you at the first meeting, even with the correspondence, you need to determine whether this man suits you. After receiving the first letter from the man, analyze it carefully. Try to understand what he expects of you, what he likes and what doesn’t, what’s on his mind and in his thoughts. Often people wear masks, impersonating someone else who they really are not. It can be just lovers of virtual novels, married men and even Internet scammers. Do not be shy in your first letters to an new man asking questions about what you are interested in learning about him. And get to know if the foreigner is interested by asking about you, your family, your work and hobbies. This will show if he wants to know more about you. Pay attention to whether he ignores those questions that you ask him about his life.

Watch out if your foreigner shows himself in the correspondence too sexually active. Perhaps you registered on such sites for building up of a serious relationship search for a sugar daddy without sex. Answering the first letter of the foreigner, write that you were pleased to receive his letter. Let your letter contain not only thoughts, but feelings. Write in a positive style. Never say that you are living badly, and you strongly want to go to another country. Then a foreigner may think that you are just using him. Also, do not write about your problems, and never ask for money or gifts. Treat correspondence as easily as playing a game or flirting.


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