What is a Sugar Daddy? The Meaning and Definition


Finding true love is a thing of the past in the late twenty-teens. Guys and gals alike are more attached to self-fulfilling prophecies of finding happiness and contentment. Some search for fulfillment in their careers, or in hobbies they can throw their passion into.

Others look for a sugar relationship. An arrangement definition of this is pretty solipsistic for both contingents, but you’ve hit the jackpot if you’ve nailed down a sugar daddy with mutual understanding. But what is a sugar daddy anyway? We’re here to clear up misconceptions you may have, starting with the sugar daddy definition, followed by the actual meaning of a sugar daddy relationship, and what it’s like to be a sugar daddy.

What Is a Sugar Daddy?

By conformist, classic definition, a sugar daddy is an older gentleman who bestows gifts and/or cash allowances upon younger women to gain companionship. Such social intercourse often entails sexual coupling of sorts, but that’s not a hard rule.

However, the sugar daddy meaning has evolved in modern times, and age is less a factor. The daddy in these relationships in the same age bracket or even younger than the girl. Given more millennials are richer than ever before. Some have a hand in an innovative techy startup business, others invest in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, and some make a killing from the comfort of their sofa and coffee table behind a computer screen. Move over, baby boomers, younger guys are reaching and exceeding the same wealthy stature of thier forefathers.

The real sugar daddy meaning has nothing to do with age, everything to do with dosh—money makes a sugar daddy, and how he lavishes his baby is up to their agreement.

What’s It Like to Be a Sugar Daddy?

Each daddy’s experience differs. While some try to exert ownership over their baby’s body, time, and lifestyle, this is wholly unacceptable behavior. Every sugar baby retains total autonomy over her body and can choose to enter and exit an arrangement as she pleases.

Real truths—typically, sugar daddies are so engrossed in their business life, that they’re unable to build and maintain flourishing, healthy romantic relationships. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have basic human desires either, nor that they’d consider driving the strip to solicit a corner whore. Businessmen also yearn for connections and physical touch. With cash to offer, finding a gorgeous date is much easier, ain’t it?

What Does It Mean to Be a Sugar Daddy?

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Sugar daddies aren’t necessarily pitiable or forlorn. They’re not johns. They’re moneyed and preoccupied, and just wish to establish ongoing mutually profitable relations with a sexy babe.

Being a sugar daddy means lacking the time and energy required to dedicate to formal dating. It’s knowing he’s free on Tuesday evening after sunset, and he wishes to dine at that hot new sushi restaurant that just opened downtown, and most importantly, he’d rather not be alone.

How to Meet a Respectable Daddy

If you’d like to get involved with the sugar baby scene and want to know how to find the right daddy, just flick through the sites here. Meeting your suitor online is a reliable way to weed out imposters and even establish payment before your in-person encounter.

Advice from ladies who make a living being a baby:

Be Clear

Before you meet, be crystal clear surrounding the nature of rendezvous you seek. Include what your time is worth, and what you’re willing to exchange for presents and cash (we mean sex).

Be Careful

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Don’t arrange to meet someone you doubt the integrity of. If the setup seems dangerous or dodgy, trust your gut instincts. Woman’s intuition is designed to save her from uncomfortable, hazardous situations.

Get Out of Your Heart

Don’t make the mistake of falling in love, you’ll set yourself up for major disappointment. Men typically have an advantage here and can enter an arrangement on a purely transactional basis, they can be cutthroat and cruel in matters of the heart. Not to mention, guys are famous for their skillful methods of protecting their feelings by never getting them involved to begin with.

Use Protection

Naked between the silky sheets of your lover’s bed? Demand him to wear a condom, no matter what he’s paying.


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