Some Useful Tips for Everyone for Safe Online Dating


Getting acquainted on the Internet is a really popular way of meeting someone these days, whether it’s for a serious relationship and for short-term meet-ups. According to a poll, more than 10% of people surveyed are searching for permanent partners through the best sugar daddy dating sites. Moreover, they looking as well as finding, marrying and living happily. Internet dating is handy, fast and exciting. Nevertheless, with the evolution of Internet technologies, new types of fraud emerged.

As in real life, on the Internet, communication involves the observance of certain security rules. There are really scammers on the Internet, but do not panic. There are nine rules that will help you guard yourself during virtual dating and help you avoid unpleasant situations while searching for your love partner online.

Personal security is an important issue during online dating

woman typing on a laptopWhen registering on a dating site, take care of your personal data and safety. It is smart to make a new email that does not contain your name or personal information. When communicating with a new Internet acquaintance, do not rush to give your personal information like name, address, or phone number.

1. Choose your dating site wisely.

If you want to be completely sure of the full safety of your personal data, then it’s wise to register on serious dating sources. Such sites, for the most part, take care of the protection of personal data of users: personal information is not transferred to third parties and can not be found in searches.

2. Use a strong password.

Internet shops, e-mails, social networks, online meeting sites – you need passwords for all these, but if you use only one password to register all over the Internet, try to change that as soon as possible. Increase the security of your password with the use of uppercase and lowercase letters and combinations of numbers.

Be vigilant when meeting potential online dates in real life

Young man and woman at a restaurant table outdoorsBefore you start using real sugar daddy websites, carefully examine the profiles of the users. If the information in the user’s profile caught your attention, this is an excellent opportunity to start communicating with this person.

If when checking the profile, you see conflicting info or too little information, it may be better to avoid this candidate. For example, a profile indicates a location of Moscow, but its owner appears to be in a completely different city, or the person indicates that he is working in a bank, but at the same time constantly emphasizes that money does not matter to him. If you have doubts about the seriousness and honesty of the person you are interviewing, or if you have received spam, be sure to report about this to the site’s support team.

After checking with the moderators, the profile can be completely deleted, which will protect you from further contacts with this user.

1. Secure communication.

At the beginning of an online dating correspondence it is reasonable to use the dating site’s internal system of correspondence rather than your personal e-mail. In case you desire to quit communicating, you can simply delete the user and he can not contact you anymore.

2. Do not trust the links.

In the process of online communicating, you will find out more about the candidate: his hobbies, what books he prefers to read, what music he like to listen to. There may be links to other sites in his correspondence. Do not rush to open all links; unrequested links can contain viruses that are dangerous for a user’s computer.

Woman in red dress handing back roses to young man in bowtie3. Do not give away money.

Any request for financial assistance during online communication should make your highly distrustful. Whatever the story of your new virtual friend, treat it with caution. Could you ask for money from a hardly familiar person on a dating site? Don’t forget that your financial safety is the most important thing during virtual communication on such sites.

Main rules for being safe on a first date after the network communication

Before the first meeting, try to follow certain safety tips:

– agree to have a real meeting in a public place

– let your friends know of where you are going and ask them to give you a call

– do not drink strong drinks

– do not leave personal things (like drinks) without oversight

During your search of a partner via the network, listen to your instinct, but do not forget about common sense. Be watchful. The following of safety rules does not guarantee complete protection from cheating both in real life and during online communication.


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