Sociologists Revealed the Secrets of Successful Online Dating


After studying nearly 2,000 profiles of users of various sugar daddy websites, specialists from the University of Michigan compiled a portrait of the ideal candidate for online dating. The results of the study are published in the Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

1,855 profiles of New Yorkers were selected for the study. All volunteers agreed to use personal information for scientific purposes. In total, experts estimated they studied about 1.1 million interactions between users. As a result, they uncovered a number of patterns that attracted attention to successful profiles of the Internet daters and influenced the decision of other daters to send a message.

Lack of photos reduces the number of profile views by 20 times. Women and men both are more willing to contact people who publish their pictures on the dating sites.

Smoking repels other users and decreases the smoker’s views from other daters by 10 times.

It also turned out that women pay more attention to the height of a potential partner and more often look at the profiles of men taller than themselves. For men, height did not matter much in their search for a partner, but they were much more demanding regarding the weight of a woman whom they would like to meet.

In addition, age plays an important role. So, 20-year-old girls are 10 times more often ignored by men about 10 years older than themselves. At the same time, 45-year-old women were 10% more likely to look at the profiles of men who were 10 years older than them. Men around 40 years old were more often than not interested in younger women.

Types of online dating sites aimed to find love or short-term partners

Pink keyboard button reading Find Love with heartsAll marriage agencies advertising a search for a husband abroad can be divided into two types: free and paid. Traditionally, marriage clubs for women take a fee from foreign men who want to get acquainted with women from countries like Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia or Lithuania. And in paid marriage agencies, you will pay for finding a husband abroad that meets your needs and won’t cause any problems. This option is possible if you have enough extra money and there is absolutely no free opportunity to communicate with foreigners on your own. The shortcomings of such marital services include the need to pay for them, and the likelihood of encountering swindlers lurking under the banner of a marriage agency.

Open up to what is right in front of you and don’t hesitate to look for love

young man and woman in red dress running hand in handIt’s proven that online dating is a successful enterprise. Millions meet and marry through online dating apps and websites, but this does not mean that these sites are the only way to communicate.

On one hand, we build around ourselves digital fortresses and lock ourselves in them. But on the other hand, nowadays there are more and more concerts, festivals, dancing clubs and other events, during which people gather, have fun and enjoy each other. Pay attention to those events nearby that you see every day:

– Challenge yourself to overcome your discomfort and turn to the person who smiled at you in the subway, in a cafe or at a nearby seat on a plane.

– If the need to talk to a stranger makes you nervous, come up with a question or a story in advance about something that you are interested in to start a conversation.

– Remember that life always offers us new opportunities. Remain open and be ready to be surprised.

Ask yourself a question: am I postponing a meeting in real life?

young man and woman smiling at each other Sugar daddy dating websites for some become a form of entertainment. There is a charm in sending messages, with a fluttering heart, waiting for a phone call, writing witty letters at night.

The inability to meet a person face to face can quickly lead to frustration. This can happen for a number of reasons: maybe the other is not too serious about a date or just feels uncomfortable about meeting in person.

Don’t deny yourself this exciting game: flirt and tease a potential partner with words, but try to bring the date closer to reality. Send a message: “I like chat rooms online, but it’s even better to talk on the phone, so here’s my number.” Talking on the phone quickly tells you if you want to meet with that person. If you are set up for a meeting, pick your favorite cafe and specify the time. You have nothing to lose.

Take breaks for a rest during your online search for a good partner

When communicating online, many people at first feel a joyful excitement that is quickly replaced by frustration, boredom, and fatigue. Moreover, many people feel defeat when their expectations are not met. Remember that each person can take a break and give themselves a rest from online dating.

You can log out of the system. This does not mean that you stop getting acquainted… you are still open to the opportunity to meet someone in real life at a concert, on a bus, or on the way to a meeting with a friend. Don’t torment yourself: take a break and see it simply as a temporary change in the situation.


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