Sex with Sugar Daddy – NO Sex with Sugar Daddy if You Don’t Want it!


It’s an increasingly common search term and trend which people are whispering about, and it’s real—being a sugar daddy or sugar baby. For few, it’s a mere joke, but many view it earnestly. Fair enough—since it’s an extraordinarily practical, dynamic, and rewarding lifestyle.

There are a few caveats. The nature of these types of relationships are built on transactions—the daddy ministers a financial benefit and baby supplies company… or loving. It’s bedroom loving we’re on about—but the point is that a baby should only confer what she’s comfortable with. Do you need to have sex with your sugar daddy provider for a prosperous, ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship?

Do I Have to Have Sex With Daddy?

old man and younger woman on beach kissingDoes the thought of bedding your decrepit, aging, grizzled sugar daddy make you shudder? Not turned on by wrinkly skin and saggy nether regions? How many bunnies do you reckon excitedly jumped into bed with objectifying pro, womanizing Hugh Hefner? The singular reason he had so many busty blonde bombshells bouncing alongside him was what he offered. Dead at 91 (RIP), his widow, Crystal Harris, probably loathed the sight of his naked body. We’re making assumptions here.

Playboy bunnies or not, young, hot babes aren’t attracted to geriatric lovers for their visual appearance. If you’re unattracted, why should you do the nasty?

It’s hardly beyond the realm of reality for chicks to land a sugar daddy without sex, but dating a sugar daddy with no sex might be less fruitful, rewarding, and beneficial.

How Can I Please My Sugar Daddy Without Sex?

If you want a sugar daddy, no sex could be scant. These old geezers may not yield a functioning pecker, but they can still become internally aroused. But with wit and cunningness on your side, you can still get that paper. Here are a few ideas from women who have sugar daddy sex stories on abstinence.

Dance for Him

Put on a fully fledged burlesque production. Dress up in the finest lingerie he’s picked out for you from La Perla and tell Alexa to play “Jeep’s Blues” by Duke Ellington on Spotify (this tune will appeal to his elder sensibilities). Sit him down in his tufted white accent chair and light his favorite brand of cigar. Before you pass it to him, take a few puffs. He’ll love to watch your mouth as your lips hug that Cuban Corona. Don’t forget to don red lipstick, perhaps choose Le Rouge by Yves Saint Laurent. Swing your nipple tassels round and shake your booty for the big guy. Make it a night to remember.

Send Him Sex Pics

young woman in bra and panties on bed
When you’re apart, keep his phone buzzing with tantalizing images of you in compromised positions. Be as revealing or modest as you like, but do try to be as suggestive as possible. Sexy pictures sent covertly whilst he’s in private allows him to tug on his Johnson while you enjoy your shopping spree on Rodeo Drive. You’re the star of your own naughty sex porn exchange.

Touch Yourself

Draw the line where you see fit, but surely your daddy will relish in viewing your legs splayed while you masturbate. It’s your body, you can touch it, so don’t be scared to let loose. If you’ve never let anyone watch before, then play coy. It’ll only add to his excitement. Once you’re comfy, you can bring yourself to climax while he watches from across the room. If you don’t mind him cumming along with you, you can have sex with your sugar daddy without putting a hand on him.

What Is Sex With a Sugar Daddy Like?

You might be called a prude, but it’s more common for women to acquiesce to their man’s sexual desires. Sugar daddy sex stories are hardly the nightmare you’re imagining in your head. The only downside is feeling like a prostitute. He may not leave a wad of cash on the bedside table in the morning, you’re still offering a sexy sack romp for moolah.

Some women find having sex with their sugar daddy rather liberating and enthralling. Reclaiming the power in a relationship is done betwixt bare bodies. He’s what she wants, and she knows precisely how to earn her keep.

Where to Find a Sugar Daddy No Sex Setup

You’re free to establish your own terms of engagement when you enter an arrangement with a sugar daddy. If you want the sexual aspect clear from the get-go, try one of the sites on this page. These daddies aren’t expecting intercourse.


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