Sex with Sugar Daddy – NO Sex with Sugar Daddy if You Don’t Want it!


Today, modern people are searching for partners through online networks. This is very convenient, because every year finding a soul mate or person with whom it would be interesting to spend your life with gets more and more difficult, and dating sites collect people of different ages, and nationalities, different levels of income, etc. Often such acquaintances do turn into serious relationships that end in marriage.

There are sugar daddy websites for wealthy males who search for attractive young ladies to support them financially and spend their spare time with those beautiful females. Each wealthy man desires an attractive, intelligent woman to spend his time with and each young lady dreams to be with a rich man and enjoy all the pleasures and luxuries that life can bring. These alliances are beneficial for both sides. Each gets what he or she really wants.

Such meet-up sites and apps are perfect for those who don’t want to spend their lives in pursuit of other things, so each person using free sugar daddy dating apps or sites pursues his own goals. There is nothing shameful in using such sites because each user is free to make his or her own choice. No one is pressing the users, so they are able to communicate and meet anyone they want.

Many people who use such online dating sites are completely satisfied with the service and with the number and quality of the site’s profiles. There are a plenty of high-level ladies who dream to be with a rich man and follow him wherever he goes. Talking about sugar daddy definition, this means that each of the rich men who register on such apps or sites have a wide heart and are ready to spend their money buying their young female companions anything they want, taking them to the unbelievable and breathtaking places of the world.

No sex between sugar daddy and his female companion

old man and younger woman on beach kissingAs a rule, not everyone is ready to have sex with a stranger even if he is rich and successful. Plenty of young ladies are just searching a wealthy man to spend fun time with, to be his companion, even attending some events or traveling to places of interests. Even some men who are rich don’t have intentions to share their bed with girls from dating sites, so they also may be searching for a woman just for entertaining time spent together without any sex. Sometimes they just need a pretty female companion to be their partner during their business meetings, attending luxury parties or traveling to other places.

Due to all these, there are so many dating sites of “sugar daddy no sex” propositions nowadays where each one is able to find a good-looking female partner for a non-sexual meeting. Surely, the most number of rich men prefer meetings ending in sex but there are some decent men who are loyal to their wives or just have high moral values and don’t want to have such kind of relationship. This service is clean for both and the pair meets knowing for sure that there won’t be sex between them, and all of this is on mutual terms, so afterwards everyone is pleased.

Sex with sugar daddy – for those who prefer sexual intercourse during meetings

young woman in bra and panties on bedOn some sites in the sugar baby allowance guide there is a paragraph says that woman has to have sex during meeting with a rich man. This is an obligation and no matter what both should have sex during their date. Registering on such sources, each person has to know that with placing a questionnaire or profile on such a site or app, he or she agrees to have sex at the meeting. Surely all these should be discussed during online communication, so no one is surprised when one of them talks about exchanging sex pics or asking intimate questions, sex preferences, etc.

Some people may think that it looks like prostitution but in reality it is kind of different because here the woman is able to choose her partner by herself. She has a choice and no one makes her to do what she doesn’t like to do. Ladies can discuss their sexual preferences before having sex with their sugar daddies and only then make a decision whether to meet or not. Such sites and apps are welcoming to everyone who is in search of sex and entertainment.

Sugar daddy sex stories – experiences of sexual meetings with young ladies

young woman and old man looking at each otherExperienced people who have already had a lot of such kind of meetings, tell many sugar daddy sex stories that help those who are going to register on meet-up sites and apps. Those who earn good money can easily find a reliable site that helps rich men meet young and attractive women for further communication and having sex. Maybe it’s quite surprising but nowadays there are a lot of ladies who are ready to have sex with men who pay for their entertaining time and take them as companions on fun trips to other countries.

It is easy to find such men who are ready to entertain women and buy them whatever they want. Sugar daddy sites are made for this very purpose. There, each can go through a fast registration and start the search for a partner for any purpose. There are a lot of reviews and sex porn stories of those who use these services and have a lot to tell to new users who are only about to start. Each rich man and attractive young woman are free to check such sources right now but the main proviso is to know what the person is expecting from registering at such a site and think carefully before having sex with daddy.

Sugar daddy without sex – where to find such males for non-sex dating

George Clooney and young woman in dressIt’s not hard to find sites that allow the users meeting up for a great time spend but conditions on each site can be quite different. Mostly it depends on the type of site the person is going to register on. There are a plenty of free sites to find sugar daddies where having sex during the meeting is obligatorily condition but also a plenty of sites that available to use are those that are free from such sexual obligations. So, it depends only on the person who is going to make a profile and what he or she is dreaming of finding.

Before you start using such sites and apps you have to think, do you need to have sex with a stranger after online communication? If it’s not a problem, or it’s just what the person is really looking for, then there is nothing to do but to register on the site where sexual intercourse is one of the conditions. But if you don’t like this idea then it’s better to search for “sugar daddy without sex” sites and apps and  register on one of them. The main goal is to find a reliable service by reading the site’s reviews and the stories of people who have already had an experience of online dating and loved using this service.


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