Psychology of online dating: acquaintance with women and men in the network.


According to statistics, the female population is much larger than the male population, and if we talk about young mothers alone and about housewives, it turns out that women suffering from loneliness are extremely more than men.

This is also confirmed by the fact that the female population is more appealing for psychological help due to depressions caused by loneliness, and because of love dependence, excessive attachment and obsession, suffering in relations with men.

While men wanting to get acquainted on free sugar daddy sites and writing in the search: “acquaintance with a woman” or “acquaintance with a lady”, much more girls or women recruiting – “getting acquainted with a man”, or “getting to know a guy”. This suggests that there are too many sites on the Internet are not for a serious relationship, and for the pastime.

Also, the network often meets young people and girls, for whom the process of dating on the Internet is a kind of entertainment, game, pleasure. There are also a lot of scammers and marriage scammers.

But still, there are a lot of single people: men and women who do not have the opportunity, for one reason or another, to make friends in reality, and who want to get acquainted through the Internet for serious relationships, for creating of families.

Get acquainted with a good person on Internet and not be deceived

First of all, before you get to know the Internet, you should ask yourself: “Why do I want to get acquainted through the network, virtually … what prevents me from finding a girl or mam in reality?”

A similar question should be asked about another person: “Why does he get acquainted in the network … why can not he find a soul mate or a loved one under normal conditions?”

Also, one should keep in mind that if a person posted his profile on dating site, then most likely his person won’t communicate with only one person as well as you are. And if someone suddenly started virtual communication with you, even the appointment of real meetings, remember that you probably have a plenty of competitors, and the person you are communicating with has a wide choice.

Therefore, in the first minutes of online dating and meetings in reality, in any case, do not open up your heart and soul completely and observe your personal distance.

Ways of how better to find out who is a person while using online dating

Most people get a social mask on their first acquaintance with reality and sometimes even on **, behind which it is difficult to discern the real, sometimes deeply hidden, intentions of a person. Moreover, at the beginning of relationships a person can seem kind and fluffy, but as soon as a certain moment comes, he will show his whole essence. In addition, often, this inner essence is terrible.

Therefore, if you do not want to deceive your expectations and suffer, then try to gather as much information as possible about the person with whom you are getting acquainted through the Internet. For example, in social networks, paying special attention to what he puts there: what he writes, what he listens to and what he reads and what interests him, and also, learn about his recent relationship with the opposite sex, possibly long-standing and emotionally unfinished situations with girls (men), so that you do not become a “vest” or a “spare airfield”.

Few people know, but sugar daddies dating site are a storehouse for psychoanalysis, where people discover their true essence without realizing it themselves.

How to behave during online dating and when meeting, in reality, is right?

The first thing you need to learn if you are going to get acquainted through the Internet for the purpose of a serious relationship or creating a family is that in no case do you need to start dating or flirt if you suffer from depression or other psycho-emotional disorders.

The second – to create a strong trust in the future, do not start online communication with lies and at the same time, do not immediately disclose all the details about yourself, especially if you are not asked about it).

Third – getting acquainted with the Internet is better starting with e-mail correspondence to have time to think about what to answer, and if necessary to collect information about a person, then go on to chat and SMS, and afterwards to appoint an online meeting in Skype. Further, in process of promotion of acquaintance, it is possible to appoint a meeting in a reality.

Fourth – try to communicate more naturally and spontaneously, at the same time, observing certain rules of propriety. Do not try to seem better than you are: do not make excuses and do not apologize for trifles and for problems that do not personally depend on you. Do not understate and overestimate your vital self-position and self-esteem.

Fifth – if you start to develop an acquaintance with reality, then for clarification of something incomprehensible or ambiguous – use a direct speech, ask directly. Remember, if you were invited to a cafe or home, this, of course, can imply an intimate continuation by mutual agreement, but there is no obligation to do something you don’t want.


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