Online Dating is a Controversial Issue for People All Over the World


Scientific research supports the use and success of online dating apps and sugar daddy sites. The virtual world offers dizzying opportunities for those who are looking for a partner. But many people still look at online dating with skepticism. An American expert in online dating, andauthor of the best-selling book on this topic, Julie Spira, has compiled a list of arguments from both sides.

Pros and cons of online dating sources aimed at finding love or a partner

Man looking at woman on computerPro: More than 40 million single people in the U.S. have tried to find a partner on the Internet.

Con: Finding a partner in a huge virtual “crowd” can be a very exhausting affair.

Pro: One out of five affairs begins with online communication. There are a lot of stories of successful online dating.

Con: With online dating, people often lie about their age, income, family status, weight, height and so on. A person can get very frustrated very quickly.

Pro: The Internet significantly expands a person’s circle of potential acquaintances, as there are none limited by geographical or social frameworks. The more people a dater “meets” the better he or she learns to understand what they can really expect from a future partner and what they seek in possible relationships.

Con: Virtual acquaintances for some can turn into the end of real life communication. These people never go to real-life meetings or cannot stop and make a choice and pick someone: they think that there is a chance to find someone else who is better, more beautiful, etc. This is a big problem. Do not pin your hopes on such people.

Pro: The world of online dating is available to anyone 24 hours a day.

Con: For many, this search turns into full-fledged work. You must be able to organize yourself and set limits.

Pro: On the best sugar daddy websites there are compatibility programs that help to weed out those who do not fit, and to calculate those who match the best.

Con: Often, users of such sites search for outside appearance factors like weight or height, or financial success, or living in a classy neighborhood, etc.  Thus, they risk missing out on a person who meets their deeper expectations.

Anyway, the best approach of all is using the web wisely and combining searches in real life and in virtual space.

Online dating: an instruction manual for seeking love on the Internet

Young woman looking into cameraThe photo. Of course, we all want to appear as perfect as possible, so a slightly edited photo is not a sin. All the same, it is not necessary to transform yourself into another person. After all, you will sooner or later meet with those with whom you communicate.

Comfortable communication. If you feel that a person is unpleasant to you at the online stage, the game is hardly worth it. Life is too short to spend time on those who use are rude, without humor, etc.

Personal information. Yes, on the Internet you can meet scammers. It’s unpleasant, but it happens. Leave personal information private. A new acquaintance does not need to know your exact address, all links to social networks, phone number and bank card. If he is very persistent, this is an occasion to reflect. It is possible, of course, that the potential partner wants to send you a luxurious bouquet, but is it worth the risk?

The personality of the person you may meet or date. Sometimes it is useful to take a screenshot with a photo from the profile of a man and put it into a search for images on Google. Your potential mate can be popular in Italy as an actor or a Brazilian singer… a public persona. Of course, neither the actor nor the singer will be aware of this, but an unpleasant discovery will be waiting for you.

Candid photos. Now on the Internet, sexting is gaining popularity: this is sending personal messages and pictures of frank content. This is a relatively new phenomenon, but surprisingly pleasant and liberating. But not all men are noble enough that in the case of an unsuccessful meet-up or acquaintance they would delete the photos, not publishing them.

Real-life meetings: the guide to correct behavior after online dating

Man and young woman laughing at table with coffee cupsSuppose that your online romance has developed quite well, so you agree to meet somewhere. Your potential date can be exceptionally smart and gallant, but this is not a reason to forget about your own safety.

Meet in a crowded place. It seems a little trivial, but it is better to choose for a personal date a cafe or any other public place on which you can rely on the help of others.

Be careful with drinks. This, of course, may seem like a normal warning, but it’s better to give a little more attention to personal safety than to be exposed to an unknown substance.

Negotiate with friends. An old but effective method is that if a meeting does not go the way you would like, you just send them a sign. Or, they will call you within 15-20 minutes and create the appearance that you are needed, and you can easily escape.


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