International Dating Sites for People: Connecting Lonely Hearts


Although feminism is a big part of everyday life in the modern world, most women still adhere to traditional views like dreaming of a family, children and a loving companion for life. While some meet their mates in their youth, other people find a man by following their heart.

It is especially difficult for women who develop professionally and successfully in their careers. In these cases, there is almost no time for women to focus on new acquaintances and romantic dates. There are many beautiful, independent and professional women who have long realized that the main thing in life is the warmth of the family hearth and a soulmate. However, how does a busy modern woman find the right man for a serious relationship?

There are a lot of dating apps and meet-up sites out there. That’s what sugar daddy website NYC was created for… to help women get acquainted with well-off men from Europe, Britain, the USA or Canada. Websites like this offer a great chance for women to make interesting new connections online, because the most of these women in real life simply do not have the opportunity to communicate with foreign men who are aiming at having a serious relationship.

Features of a romantic relationship with a foreign man

beautiful young woman in red coatSlavic girls are often considered the most beautiful and economic of all European women, which, of course, is especially appreciated by a foreigner. But, while men from Europe or America who turn to a marriage agency still want to see in their future chosen not just a wise housewife, but a girlfriend and partner in life, an interesting, bright, constantly evolving personality. Be prepared for the fact that foreigners often believe in gender equality, so they will expect that you will also make some financial contributions to the relationship. And it’s not just about material influences, but also about emotional impact.

By making acquaintances with foreigners, some girls can expect enchanting chivalrous deeds from a foreign man with an intriguing culture. However, as life experience shows, usually such “representations” are made by young, passionate men, or those who do not want a serious relationship, but only temporary flirting. Therefore, using dating sites and apps is not a magical way to get exactly what you want any time. To wind up with a full, happy relationship with a serious man who will sincerely love you and respect as a person, stay open and natural. Be yourself, show your strengths, show sincere interest in communication and the continuation of the relationship, and if this is your man, then everything will work out.

The process of online dating with wealthy foreigners: some interesting facts

young man and woman in coffee shop looking at each otherEvery day the popularity of sugar daddy dating websites increases. In addition, often virtual dating ends in happy marriage. However, online dating with foreigners has its own characteristics.

1. Most of the registered users on the dating site hide their age, weight and height.

2. To increase the chance of finding your perfect companion in life, it is advisable to mention in the questionnaire or your profile the word “love.”

3. Men spend less time reading online questionnaires than women.

4. It is impossible to predict the compatibility of two people. American psychologists have expressed the opinion that it is simply impossible to determine how successful a relationship between a man and a woman can be because this is on the basis of related interests, similar goals, good chemistry together, and many more variables.

5. More than 20 percent of users consult with friends during completion of the questionnaire or profile.

6. The percentage of divorces among couples who got acquainted through the Internet is lower than that of couples who met in real-life settings.

7. Online dating with foreigners can save not only time, but money.

Online dating can turn into a successful marriage, statistics say

young man and woman sharing a soda with two strawsChicago University managed a unique study that backed up claims that online dating can lead to success. As The Times of India writes, more than a third of relationships concluded in 2005-2012 with a wedding began with help of dating sites.

At the same time, such relationships were happier and lasted much longer than those that happened after personal acquaintance. Tthe level of pleased people from such marriages was really higher, and divorce statistics much lower. Possibly, the secret of success is in the strength of people’s motivation and their selection of the partners.

Among pairs who came together after the online meeting, six percent disintegrated. On the marriage satisfaction scale, Internet couples held a position of 5.64 points while couples who met in real-life held a score of 5.48 points.

Those who met their other half in their daily lives, as a rule, met them at work, during studying at school, at church, at public gatherings, at the party, bars and other places. The most unsuccessful marriages were between people who met at a bar, during a blind date, and between those who found each other online in a virtual world where the real pictures were replaced with avatars.


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