How to Find a Sugar Daddy – Best Place if You Are Looking


Many young girls and women dream of getting acquainted with rich and wealthy men who could make their lives a fairy tale without any worries and troubles, but not every girl knows where to find that rich and wealthy man. Nowadays this is not a problem … women can register on sugar daddy dating sites.

Of course, there are other specialized dating sites with paid registration, and meeting wealthy men “in the wild” is definitely possible, but with sites and services like ours you will find yourself in something like a closed club full of wealthy gentlemen.

If you’re not wealthy yourself, don’t worry about it. People often say wealthy men are only looking for wealthy women, but that is simply not true. Sugar daddies often think women from high society are too capricious, spoiled and selfish, traits that are not attractive. All businessmen want the same things: the comfort of home, care, love and affection.

How do you find a sugar daddy using dating sites?

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Some girls registered on sugar daddy sites like ours may say finding a decent man is extremely difficult. However, they do exist, and our site is the easiest way to locate a potential sugar daddy who is ready to communicate and get started living the life he wants.

First of all, each potential sugar baby in search of a sugar daddy should complete her profile correctly and add photos. Choose the photos that make you look the most attractive, but also consider that you should be restrained and tasteful in how you present yourself. Outspoken outfits, perhaps, attract attention, but a rich man will have hundreds of girls in mini-dresses hanging on them at any given time, so you should find a way to show both attractiveness and dignity at the same time.  Your appearance should demonstrate what you choose, not him. However, in order to show your sexiness, it is still worthwhile to place one or two photos in a swimsuit.

To attract a rich  man’s attention, a woman doesn’t need to start the conversation immediately. She can view the man’s questionnaire or profile and leave a couple of comments on his photo. Men, even very rich ones, need encouragement. Therefore, you should praise his choices, clothes or something that is next to him and obviously important, and at the same time encourage an open dialogue.

If you want to write to him, do not show too much interest. Rich men are used to the fact that women are often glued to them, so your task is to stand out from the crowd and show a general indifference to his finances.

A man with lots of income is extremely difficult to find online and even more difficult when it comes to keeping him interested in just one woman. Each lady or potential sugar baby has to work on herself. First, her messages and comments should be written competently and intelligently. It’s advisable to review his profile again and again and read about what he does and likes. To interest a wealthy man, each lady needs to be able to maintain a conversation on many topics.

Being rich and happy with your sugar daddy

young woman with white-haired man having coffeeEvery woman in search of a wealthy groom should think about what else she can offer to a millionaire apart from her youth and beauty and what is generally known to be a sugar baby. She needs to understand that in order to get a classy groom, her appearance is not enough. She will need to be eloquent, sharp of mind, know how to open and carry an interesting conversation, understand the intricacies of doing business, have good health, lead an active lifestyle and, of course, have a good education and knowledge of a foreign language. All of these qualities will help a sugar baby find and keep a rich man.

Filling out the questionnaire or profile on the sugar daddy dating site is an important first step, and each girl needs to find out something interesting about her potential groom and talk to him about things that intrigue him, like literary novels, the nearest theatrical premieres or fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate. Remember, you must use all your tricks in order to get a sugar daddy. Do this and you will find your perfect match and hopefully be married to your millionaire before you know it.

Culturally speaking, it is also important to take into account that the mentality of different countries differs significantly, so it is worthwhile to think carefully before paying attention, for example, to a rich Muslim.

In general, you should be sociable, write plenty of messages, talk about their interests, and discuss their favorite topics. Do not talk at the beginning of a message about topics like previous unsuccessful relationships. Discuss nature, flowers, movies, etc. Even if the only thing you can cook is one scrambled eggs with a sausage, write about it in such colors that he thinks that he has never eaten such a delicious meal. And if you know how to cook – even better! Good food is a topic any man is happy to talk about. Especially a busy man who does not have time for home-cooked food and who only dreams about the comfort of a happy home, a warm bed and a loving wife with children.

These are all some great little recommendations of how to become a sugar baby and find a good, rich man for life.

Looking for a sugar daddy on the internet – some useful tips

topless young blonde woman on bedThe nicer the girl, the more men will write to her. Unfortunately, their proposals are not always serious. There is a category of men who do not read the questionnaires or profiles of lovely ladies at all. They just look at the photos. They write compliments and sometimes offer indecent things.

The task of a girl with serious intentions is to find among this crowd a serious man. To do this, she just needs to be patient and not register on free sites to find sugar daddies. She should create a profile only on the paid sugar daddy websites.

There are several secret ways to identify a decent and rich man by correspondence:

1. His questionnaire or profile is not filled out. You can safely pass this profile by without worrying you are missing something. Either he’s a married man, he’s not serious, or he has not decided yet why he registered on the site. He has no plans to build a family.

2. His profile was completed by template. The menu items are chosen simply: height, weight, purpose of joining the service or website, hobbies, bad habits and so on. If he has filled out all the options and you are interested, start an acquaintance with him by sending a message.

3. His profile is completely open. The user wrote about himself too much. If a man writes a lot, sometimes he really wants to get acquainted, but sometimes he is simply very attached to the web and stays very active on blogs to communicate with others, but is not terribly interested in real life meet-ups. However, to find out what type is he this it is necessary to dive deeply into the correspondence because each case is individual.

How to determine if your potential sugar daddy is really rich and successful

woman and man huggingIt is unlikely that a wealthy and intelligent man will declare his income on a dating site or boast of how much he owns in the profile.

By the way, if it’s the other way around and the man immediately gives out information about his villa on the Cote d’Azur and his limousine, don’t necessarily believe it. Women should be cautious – most likely this is an “advertising trick” by which a man tries to attract the attention of women. If the woman wants a wealthy male, she can find one for free but she needs to know how to find out a really wealthy man.
Each female in a search should know the real meaning of sugar daddy and pay attention to these things:

1. Study the profile and look at the literacy of the presentation of thoughts, the level of general development. As a rule, wealthy men have higher educations, which is almost impossible to hide.

2. Look carefully at his pictures. Certainly, the final conclusions on them are difficult to make, but it is worth paying attention to the interiors and landscapes on the photos that your potential sugar daddy uploaded on his profile.

3. With personal correspondence, try to identify the habits and lifestyle of the person who interested you by indirect signs: what he does, how much he works, how he prefers to spend his free time, etc. Just do not ask directly about the level of his income, otherwise he will decide that you are not interested in him, but in his wallet.

4. During the correspondence pay attention to the time when he writes to you. If a person says that he has a prestigious, high-paying job or, for example, his own business, he is unlikely to be able to write you a bunch of letters at different times during the day – even with a great desire, he simply will not have time for it. A busy person will most likely send you no more than one letter per day.

5. If the man in his first letter writes about his estate and income, then it’s better not to waste time on him. A truly wealthy man will usually try to hide his wealth as long as possible, so as not to become a bait for female money hunters.

Often, ordinary middle-class men like to boast of their own incomes, wanting to make a good impression. There is nothing bad in this, but if a woman is determined to find a rich man, this kind of guy is not for her. Therefore, if a man brags about his chic house, villa or car, politely and quickly ask him to take a picture of all these and send it to you. There is nothing reprehensible in this, and in return, you can promise to send him your photos taken at your home.


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