How to Become a Sugar Baby – Allowance Guides, Tips and Reviews


Are ominous envelopes, with red ink stamped on the front, stacking up on your kitchen counter? Urgent emails from the electricity company and council bunging up your inbox? Tired of living on ramen noodles, handouts from mates, and supermarket brand pasta and olive oil?

Sound familiar? If so, you might be wondering how to become a sugar baby and weighing up the benefits of a win-win relationship. This guide on how to be a sugar baby will clarify a few of those questions lurking in the back of your mind, including potential allowances. Success stories flood the web, so why not be one?

How to be a Sugar Baby

Before we get into the financial nitty gritty, let’s extrapolate the steps you’ll need to take first.

How to Become a Sugar Baby Step One: Overcome the Societal Hurdles

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It’s arguable that the hardest aspect of becoming a sugar baby is deciding to follow through with your plans. Whether you’re male or female we bet that you’ve spent loads of hours deep in thought. We understand; the cultural stigmatism, real or perceived, leveled at sugar babies, daddys, and mommys, can be hard to shake. However, we’d argue that sugar relationships exist anyway but operate covertly, as opposed to overtly.

For centuries people have been engaging in mutually beneficial liaisons and trysts. Often, these are based upon a youth versus wealth trade off. Classic literature abounds with such examples, one could look at Maxim and Mrs de Winter, or Rochester and Jane Eyre, to name but a few.

How to Become a Sugar Baby Step Two: Start Seeking Your Daddy or Mommy

This step is a walk in the park. Simply start downloading and using one of many sugar daddy dating apps on the Apple iStore and Google Play. Once you’ve installed the app of your choosing, create a profile.

Once your profile is finetuned, you’re ready to start chatting. Be flirtatious and lighthearted so you don’t scare away prospective partners. Nothing is more unattractive than immediate demands for money.

How to Become a Sugar Baby Step Three: Adjust Your Expectations

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We know you’re the bees knees, but your chat friends don’t yet, they need time to get to know you. Don’t expect immediate offerings of necklaces from Tiffany’s, brunches at Annabelle’s, first class flights to the Bahams, diamonds and offerings to pay off all your student loans.

Miracles do happen, but they’re called that for a reason! Instead, view your time with your daddy or mumma as a trade off for financial gains. Each hour you spend can be equated to a certain amount of money, if you would prefer to conceptualize it like that.

As your sugar benefactor grows to know you and love you more, you can expect increased generosity.

How to Find a Sugar Lover

Pondering on how to find a lover now you’re set up? It’s elementary: talk to daddys. Keep things simple and light. You want to appear cool, calm, relaxed, and unaffected. Choose photos that represent you truthfully — that pic from 2010 should be avoided, as should the selfie that took you hours to perfect and tweak. Be yourself.

Be available to chat online or even over the phone while you tend your new dalliance. Once you’re communicating well, you can meet up for a coffee or lunch and take things from there.

For further info on which apps to use, check out some of the options on these pages.

Some of the applications will give you the ability to set your desired allowance, or remove sugars who don’t meet your parameters. We’ll examine allowances more in our sugar baby allowance guide below.

Sugar Baby Allowance Guide

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This sugar baby allowance guide dishes the dirt on what you might receive from sugar dads and moms. A forewarning, wealth varies between individuals and there’s a world of difference between Rockefeller rich and “I own a statewide plumbing business” rich. Guides are notoriously unreliable because there’s no such thing as universally loaded.

Examine his monthly income if it’s provided in his or her profile, that’s a good indication of what might be up for grabs. Next, view this with a transactional mindset and discuss with your potential sugar just what he or she is willing shell out. Next, our tips:

Fiscal Guides for New Babies

  • Working on the assumption that each date lasts for four to five hours, you can expect $100 to $300 dollars, depending on the wealth of your daddy or momma. He or she should also pay for dinner, drinks, and other expenses.
  • In longer term pairings, tips may be given randomly and at the givers discretion. These range from $50 to the upper eschelons of the pay scale at $1000 or more.
  • Financial succes stories rely upon monthly allowances. with $1500 to $4000 being the norm.
  • Reviews for babies and daddies suggest that allowances grow exponentially along with trust levels.
  • Versatile, willing, and flexible babies make more money. Your schedule might be tight, but so is your daddy’s. Try to sqeeze in as much time as possible, that’s how ya make money moves!
  • Start lower, aim higher.
  • Treat them mean, keep them keen doesn’t apply here. Rich patrons will pick up their wallet and head elsewhere if you pull that stunt.

We hope this article has proved helpful on your quest for a daddy or mommy of your own. It’s a jungle out there and you’re a panther, go get ‘em kitten!


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