Do Online Daters Have a Chance to Grow a Strong Relationship?


Surely many have heard the familiar stories about how people found their partners or spouses via the Internet. It does not necessarily happen on special portals for finding a couple: sometimes someone “liked” a photo of a person they met on social networks or started a correspondence in a messenger app. The fact remains: people met online. The Internet has firmly entered the lives of many people: here they work and rest, so why not use it to find a life partner?

A number of experiments confirms the effectiveness of dating on sugar daddy website NYC. For example, the study of the British psychologist Jeffrey Gavin, who enlisted volunteersaged 19 to 26 ready for serious relationships. Their task was to register on a dating site in order to find a partner. At the end of the experiment, 72% of the participants continued close communication already in real life, and some of them later even married.

When dating online it can be difficult to determine who a person really is

Young woman on park bench smilingUser profiles do not always match their owners. For example, a photo of a young beauty can hide a 45-year-old three times divorced lady. Of course, this is a completely innocuous shortcoming, but who wants to waste time and get disappointed at a meeting. Even after a long correspondence, the relationship goes to nothing if you do not meet in real life.

The risk of becoming a focus of criminals is also there. Not all users are really looking for a partner… some are in search of victims for the implementation of illegal schemes. This is perhaps the most weighty “minus” of online dating and social media networking. However, no one is immune from a crime in real life as well.

Never transfer money to new Internet acquaintances, and before the first date, let someone know who you are going to go with and do not schedule meetings in uninhabited places. Charge the phone to full and keep both your sense of humor and your sense of caution, and everything will turn out well.

Helpful tips for those who use online communication for serious relationships

Young man and woman toasting wine glassesWhile getting acquainted, flirting and building plans, do not forget about basic security measures. Most of the users of free sites to find sugar daddies really want to find their love, but among them, there are also scammers. In order not to get into an unpleasant situation, keep the following rules:

1. Do not share personal information with your virtual friends: address, phone number (for a personal meeting there will be enough message apps), daily routine, place of work and position.

2. Do not transfer money to anyone and certainly do not share your bank card details. Scammers lure money using different approaches: some are pressured to pity, telling sad stories, others by promising an expensive gift, for which the addressee must for some reason pay.

3. Arrange the first date in a crowded place like a cafe, cinema, or entertainment center. Do not invite a person to your home and do not agree to go to him anywhere until you get to know him better.

Getting acquaintanted with wealthy men: an action plan for every lady

Young man and woman standing closeGirls, tuned in to meet serious men, certainly have had some negative experiences of communicating with the opposite sex and do not want to repeat it. That is why they determine the factors that are mandatory in the choice of the man from the very beginning.

If you are not yet ready to contact the agency directly, try visiting a dating site with wealthy men. There you can not only view the database of candidates, but also independently assess their chances of success. Sometimes it is enough to correct your style a little and make professional photos.

However, do not rush into an adventure with any acquaintance acquired on the site. Remember that behind a beautiful photo and a vivid description, the “prince” may not be so princely. At best, you can lose money, at worst, you can lose something more important. Use websites only for reference, but for help, it is better to contact a real company that will undertake to provide you with services and guarantee your privacy and security.


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