Choose the Most Reliable Site to Build a Serious Relationship Online


There are a plenty of free sugar daddy sites on the Internet and an inexperienced user can get lost among their abundance. First of all, when you choose a web resource for dating, you need to pay attention to the following points.

The number of users, if there are many of them. Lots of users means the site is popular, and your chances of success increase. Usually, those people who are constantly on the network are most active and already acquainted with many, while those who are not serious or too busy may not be that interested in meeting in real life. Virtual dating can be a great way to meet someone, but it has its own peculiarities. If you still have not found the love of your life, listen to some recommendations, and have hope that love will enter your life very soon.

Online dating purposes: serious relationships and future marriage

young man with no shoes on working on laptopThe photo

It is best not to post a half-nude body on the sea shore or a strict shot in the workplace. The best picture for meeting someone with “serious intentions” is a photo taken in a decent, cozy home environment with a cheerful face.


Well, of course, you should not write: “Girls, I love you!” Or “I’m looking for you, because my life is completely about work without joys.” She is unlikely to respond to the call of Casanova or a clinical workaholic. Work is good, but it’s also not worth forgetting about the pleasures of life.


Here, of course, it all depends on what kind of woman or man you would like to see next to you. Hooks, or fun mottoes and statements about you, are necessary at least in order to immediately let a woman or man understand what her life with you can be filled with. If you want to meet a passionate music lover, do not write a modest “I love music.” Better to use the wording, “Marilyn Manson is devilishly interesting.” Or “I cried listening to the last album of Tory Amos.”

Online dating purposes: simple flirting or short-term romances

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In this case, the ideal option is your naked torso as long as there is something to show off. Or perhaps you are driving a car. If you don’t have a car, then seduce your potential date with a photo of you with a large bouquet of flowers in your hands, and a broad smile. In general, let everyone understand that you are light, cheerful, and sweet, and not striving to impose your own shortcomings onto anyone else.


Do not delve into the secrets of your personality. A short novel is a short novel. Your profile should not be a novel. Adjust it so it’s not long, but delicious. Do not honestly and openly say: “I need a girlfriend for intimate relationships.” Even if the woman herself is only looking for this, she will most likely not outright discuss what she simply wants. For a woman, certain emotional relationships are important, so remember Don Juan De Marco. He loved every woman who gave him some pleasure. She does not need to know that you just want her.


The male can use promises of “pleasant evenings at sunset” and “coffee in bed in the morning.” Remember that a woman will forgive you for honestly recognizing that you need a friend for meet-ups without mutual obligations.

Rules of a successful profile for those who are in search of love

Man and woman holding hands and almost kissingThe questionnaire or profile should be single you out among others on a sugar daddies dating site. How you do it is up to you. Show your personality, and come up with something that will certainly draw eyes to your questionnaire.

1. Details are important

The questionnaire or profile should be accurate, but not very detailed. Describe yourself specifically, but briefly. Moreover, it’s better to focus not on the size of clothes or eye color, but on your characteristic features, habits and desires. However, do not be too pedantic to approach any issue.

2. The letter to the only one

Address your profile or letter directly to her.  Say, “You are gentle, cheerful, passionate. So why we are not together” If she sees herself in your words, success will be almost assured.

3. Relax

Of course, your profile should not be frivolous. But don’t be too official. Wink at her in words, flirt, make a joke. A good sense of humor has never failed anyone.

4. Keep a secret

Do not forget that you are dealing with a woman. It may seem simple, but a certain amount of mystery makes the emotional mechanisms of her soul work. Do not talk about yourself too much, give her the opportunity to think and feel a little, and she will understand that she will never get bored with you.


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