With pecuniary woes hogging up your brainpower, how are you supposed to stay on top of your grades? writing a thesis while folding cardigans and cigarette trousers at the banana republic for minimum wage only fattens up ceo mark Breitbard’s wallet while your own marks suffer.

Open a new tab in chrome and get started on your search for the best sugar daddy websites. The time you’ll spend on a website to find and secure a stinking rich guy to fund your education is minuscule, thus freeing up your day for uninterrupted learning. Don’t worry about registration either, it’s completely free.

Submit your official resignation at whichever loathsome mall retailer you waste precious time in and prepare for the ride of your life.

What Is a Sugar Daddy?

young woman and man talking together over wineUnschooled and naive enough to require such definitions? If it’s your first foray, a sugar daddy is a dude who’s gonna pay for everything in exchange for your company. It’s a concept with history—even ages before the internet and free websites existed—women would dress up in their sexiest little outfits and hit the town in hopes of landing a wealthy bloke to whisk them away.

Sounds kinda sad, some guys are quite so pathetic, or pathetically rich, that they’ll shower a chick with gifts and cash just for a date because they’re so bloody lonely. Maybe they spent their lives working their butts off to reach the financial position they’re in today. Reasons irrelevant, you require one thing—enough dough for your diploma.

How Do I meet a Sugar Daddy?

You’ve a few options here—you could do it the old fashioned way and find your filthy rich lad in real life, or you can create a profile on one of the many sugar daddy websites designed to connect rich older men and pretty little ladies. stick around for the best websites to register on.

Real Sugar Daddy Websites to Meet Your money match

older man and younger woman standing togetherSpare the hassle and drama of trolling nightclubs and bars and get registered on one of the many sugar daddy sites you’ll find throughout these pages. Create your profile—stating your clear intentions. If you’re on the hunt for a minted, elder man to take care of your bills, don’t be afraid to say so. Remember—these guys already know what they’re signing up for.

Sugar Daddy Sites serve a single purpose

That’s the beauty of sugar daddy websites—everyone involved knows the deal. Unlike other websites to meet a partner, free sugar daddy sites are designed for a very particular, specific arrangement.

Not looking for love? It’s cool. Don’t wanna take your clothes off? That’s fine. Would rather not wear a ring? All good. Just make sure your goals are clearly stated, and don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings. No one jumps into such relationships expecting to find true love.

A relationship of convenience

older man with two younger women in back seat of carWhen you meet a bloke through one of the real sugar daddy websites you’ll find here, you’re entering a setup that’s designed for both parties. The gentleman will already know you’re looking for a monetary reward, and you enter the ordeal knowing you’re the reward. He can admire your physical beauty while you provide company, comfort, and eye candy. The physical relationship stays out of the bedroom.

How to sign Up With the Best Sugar Daddy Websites

Peruse the banners and ads for free sugar daddy sites to sign up with. Only legit websites may advertise here. Don’t get intimidated by the process you’ve imagined in your head—imagine signing up for any social media account. Think about how you’ll portray yourself, what you’d like these men to appreciate about you, and what you’ve got to offer. Don’t forget to choose your profile pictures carefully—these guys are hunting for stunners to knock their socks off.

Make good on your half of the bargain and you’ll be graduating free of debt, and with some cool presents to boot.